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Voice Over IP is an integral part of moving your company into the future of Voice and data integration and strategic asset networking. Whether it is internal or external, the use of VoIP can help you use your existing infrastructure to communicate more cost effectively and provide redundancy for PSTN outages. With our experience in IP PBX(s), Switches and traditional Telephony, we can show you how to integrate Voice Over IP into your traditional WAN allowing for your business to operate optimally, with no downtime!

Managment ProfessionalsOur technical experts evaluate and discuss the various Equipment and delivery options for your mission critical voice services. Our proprietary designs and Carrier recommendations keep our client’s mission critical voice platforms performing 24/7, 365 days a year!

With so many options in PBX manufacturers to choose from and a seemingly endless list of Service Providers, TelecomGiant brings you the experience and the expertise to insure that you create the very best solution for your voice services. Not sure which voice Solution is the right solution for you? Call our team today! (800) 595-6155, option 1.

By utilizing TelecomGiant’s Best of Class design, Certified professional installation(s) and Global 24/7 technical support you will be better enabled to manage your business’s mission critical Voice Platform(s), wherever your business takes you.

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